5 Interior Changes to Prepare for the Winter

INMTK Home Design

After the warmth of the summer months, get ready for the coldest time of the year in your home by making a few adjustments to make the transition as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Below, I’ve written a few changes that can completely revitalise your interior and help make those necessary adjustments to give your home a new look for the end of the year.


Change the Colour Palette

Embrace warm colours for the winter months and modify the palette in your living room or bedroom to mark the changing of the seasons. Colours like pink and green are ideal to create a cosy atmosphere for friends and family when they arrive for the festive celebrations. A new lick of paint massively changes the feel of a room for a cheap price and with a huge variety of options available, it makes it easy to modify as you wish.

 Upgrade your Heating

It’s coming round to that time of year when you need to make sure your rooms have efficient heaters to combat the cold weather outside. If you are looking for a new modern radiator, Trade Radiators offer a wide range of designer models suitable for your interior tastes. With cutting edge styles fit for any home, you will be spoilt for choice when you look for a new radiator. Warm up your room and your interior style at the same time and prepare for the winter chills with no worries or hassles to deal with.


Layer Up

Adding a few extras layers to focal points of the room can give the impression of comfort, making them perfect for a snuggle during winter. A few more cushions or a warm blanket on a sofa or a bed can make a huge difference to the overall impression of a room and an accessory. Just a few tweaks here and there can adapt the style of the room to fit with the winter season very easily, meaning you can change it back in no time when spring comes around!


 Cover up Hard Floors

Hard flooring, like wood or concrete, is cold underfoot in the winter months and makes for poor insulators, struggling to keep the warmth in. One easy, cost effective solution is to cover them up with rugs rather than spending a fortune on underfloor heating or a completely new floor. They also add another texture to the room and can be combined into the overall interior look, spicing up the feel with little effort on your end.


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